WATCH: Caitlin Clark reacting to Chennedy Carter's foul, says 'no apology is needed'

Basketball: Despite the apparently endless discussion on the topic over the previous week, Caitlin Clark claims that Chennedy Carter owes her no apology for her hip-check play on June 1.

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Despite the endless discussion on the topic for over a week, Caitlin Clark claims that Chennedy Carter owes her no apology for her hip-check play on June 1. Clark fielded questions on Friday, before the Indiana Fever's game against the Washington Mystics. Caitlin addressed a variety of issues, including the WNBA and Chennedy Carter.

That foul was hardly a conventional basketball play, as Clark herself admitted. After all, she was caught off guard and thrown to the floor away from the ball while waiting for an inbound pass. However, the number one overall choice for Indiana Fever Caitlin Clark had nothing against Carter.

According to Sportskeeda, Caitlin Clark stated, "Basketball is competitive, I get it," Clark said to the media. "Sometimes your emotions get the best of you, happened to me multiple times throughout the course of my career. People are competitive it is what it is."

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She also praised Carter for the excellent work she's been doing for Chicago Sky, particularly as a spark plug off the bench. Clark also stated that her attention is on her team and how she can improve.

It's a sport, it's competitive - Caitlin Clark

"It's just basketball at the end of the day," Clark added. "There's no grudges, there's nothing like that. It's a sport, it's competitive. It's not gonna be nice all the time, that's not what basketball is and I think people that play at the highest level understand that."

While the officiating crew first judged Chennedy Carter's foul on Caitlin Clark a common foul, the league subsequently ruled it a flagrant one. Caitlin Clark maintained her calm by not retaliating against Chennedy Carter after getting bodied by her during the Sky versus Fever match, although she did speak about it afterwards.

The first time she was asked about it was between the third and fourth quarters of the game. She stated in that interview that, while Carter's foul was not a basketball play, it is something that occurs in basketball and must be dealt with.

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