Two NBA teams interested in Bronny James: Reports

Basketball: While not many scouts are interested in buying Bronny James, a couple of teams have shown interest in looking for LeBron James' son as a future prospect.

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The talent scouts in the NBA have not been easy on Bronny James. It is being claimed that some of the scouts feel that Bronny is not an NBA prospect and it would be a miracle if he ends up gaining a contract. However, there is a good chance of him signing a contract with two of the top NBA teams. A report has claimed about his chances of joining the NBA.

In the NBA draft for the upcoming season, James had registered his name. It was reported that his name was not too keen among the scouts. After all, his show in the NBA college season was not that impressive. James managed to average less than five in the matches he was a part of. A part of it also has to do with the fact that he suffered a stroke during a practice session.

However, the report has been in favor of Bronny. It is being claimed that about 10 teams have asked James to work out for them. Two major teams like the LA Lakers (For whom LeBron James plays) and Phoenix Suns might be interested in having him. The report claimed that the Suns might consider him to be the 22nd pick while the Lakers might be interested in signing him as the 17th member.

Will LeBron and Bronny play together?

There is a reason why the LA Lakers are very much interested in Bronny. In the past, LeBron has expressed his wish to play with his own in the NBA. At the age of 39, the career of the experienced one is nearer to the end than the beginning. His contract with LA Lakers came to an end and he is currently a free agent. There is a lot of demand for star players.

The Lakers are trying everything in their might to have LeBron with them. A big shot at it would be to have his wish fulfilled - Play alongside his son. Although the current focus of LeBron is to get his son an NBA contract and see him flourish as a player, an NBA contract with an opportunity for both father and son playing in the same team would attract the experienced one.

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