'I don't have much time' - LeBron James opens up about his future in NBA

Playing against the Brooklyn Nets LeBron James scored a career-high nine 3-pointers to score a match-winning 40 points as LA Lakers beat Nets by 116-104.

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LeBron James

LeBron James (Source: Twitter)

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Despite being in the business for more than two decades LeBron James didn’t forget how to rule the NBA court. Playing against the Brooklyn Nets James scored a career-high nine 3-pointers to score a match-winning 40 points. However, for his fans, the biggest highlight was his statement after the game in which he admitted that he was in the sunset of his NBA Career.

The 39-year-old legend spoke about his future in the biggest basketball league in the world. He said that he is not gonna play for another 21 years as he doesn’t have a lot of time left. "I'm not gonna play another 21 years, that's for damn sure," James said.

"Not very long. I don't know when that door will close as far as when I'll retire. But I don't have much time left." Despite his comments, there are reports that the Lakers and James both are working on a three-year deal to stay with the franchise till the 2026-27 season.

For how long LeBron James can pull it off?

As LeBron James continues to produce some impactful performances for the LA Lakers it's evident that we have seen most of his legendary career. Being in the sunset of his career James had made some much-needed adjustments in his skills.

The man who was known for his on-court athleticism has now increased his focus on three-pointers. He has enhanced his abilities to avoid extra pressure on his ageing body while still being relevant with his accuracy and experience. It will be interesting to see how things shape as after this season James will be eligible for free agency.

Notably, if James and the LA Lakers finalize a new three-year deal it will produce a chance for LeBron to play along with or against his sons. Bronny James will become draft-eligible this summer while his younger brother Bryce James will become draft-eligible in 2026.

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