Evan Mobley's clutch block helps Cleveland Cavaliers claim thrilling win against Orlando Magic

NBA: Evan Mobley helped the Cleveland Cavaliers claim a thrilling win against the Orlando Magic. His clutch block towards the last few minutes of the game was crucial.

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Evan Mobley (Source: X)

Evan Mobley (Source: X)

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Evan Mobley clutched in the last few minutes of the game and helped his side to claim a thrilling win in Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs 2024. The match got added to the list of so many thrilling games we have witnessed so far this season. Yet again, it was a home team that managed to claim a win. Cleveland Cavaliers beat Orlando Magic by 104-103 to claim a 3-2 win in the Playoffs.

The match was evenly poised throughout. Cleveland Cavaliers have a slight upper hand towards the last few minutes. Their 2-point lead was crucial and had to be held on to claim a win. In the absence of Jarrett Allen, one of the best in the business, someone had to step up in the defensive unit. Mobley did just that and helped the Cavaliers to save a crucial point. 

As Allen was out of the game due to the rib injury, Evan had the responsibility of controlling the inner defensive area. In the last few seconds of the match. Cleveland had a slender lead of two points. If Orlando Magic managed to claim a 2-pointer or even a single point, they could have made the match closer. Under pressure, Mobley had a huge task cut out. 

Evan Mobley's impressive performance against the Orlando Magic

Franz Wagner aimed to score a 2-pointer to cut down the lead to nil. A tall block was needed with the crowd literally behind the home side. Mobley successfully blocked the attempt and helped the home side to contain the lead. In the end, they gave away just another point and claimed a win by a margin of a solitary point. Mobley starred in his side's win in the NBA Playoffs

The star player claimed a double-double of 13 rebounds, 14 points, two steals, four assists, and two blocks that helped the home side claim the win. Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland starred in the game by claiming 28 and 23 points respectively. With that win, Cleveland has progressed further in the ongoing season of the NBA. 

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