WATCH: Lewis Hamilton's father Anthony makes emotional comments after his British Grand Prix win

Lewis Hamilton's remarkable 104th career victory at the 2024 British Grand Prix has drawn widespread acclaim, including from his father, Anthony Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton with his father Anthony Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton with his father Anthony Hamilton (Source: X)

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Lewis Hamilton's remarkable 104th career victory at the 2024 British Grand Prix has drawn widespread acclaim, with none more heartfelt than from his father, Anthony Hamilton. The iconic win at Silverstone marked the end of a three-year drought for the seven-time world champion and showcased his enduring prowess on the track.

Anthony Hamilton, ever the proud father, expressed his admiration and belief in Lewis's capabilities following the race. "For sure you know, he questions himself like we all do occasionally," Anthony remarked. "You know we get up and we say, you know, we question whether you're still good enough, young enough, strong enough. As far as I'm concerned, he's still got everything that he needs to run at the top."

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The victory, achieved with a 1.4-second margin over Max Verstappen, was not just a testament to Lewis's skill but also a significant morale booster. At 39, Hamilton's tenacity and talent remain undiminished, underscored by his father's comments. Anthony Hamilton's confidence in his son echoes the sentiments of many who have followed Lewis's storied career, particularly during his dominant years in Formula 1's turbo-hybrid era.

Toto Wolff calls it a fairytale movement

This victory, however, is tinged with a sense of finality, as it comes during Hamilton's final season with Mercedes. Team principal Toto Wolff described the win as a "fairytale moment," highlighting the emotional significance of a home victory in what could be Hamilton's last British Grand Prix with the team. "To make him win again, at the British Grand Prix, in his last race for Mercedes here, it’s almost like a little fairytale. You couldn’t have scripted it better," Wolff noted.

Hamilton's legacy with Mercedes is undeniable. Since joining the team in 2013, he has secured six world championships and solidified his status as an F1 legend. While another championship title this season seems improbable, Hamilton's recent triumph at Silverstone hints at the possibility of more victories in the remaining races.

The Mercedes W15 car, showing significant improvement since Monaco, will be a crucial factor in Hamilton's performance as the season progresses. Fans eagerly anticipate his next moves, with the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix and the season finale in Abu Dhabi promising to be particularly riveting.

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