Toto Wolff asks Hamilton to let go 'negative' thoughts while Vasseur understands Leclerc's frustration - Canadian Grand Prix wrap up

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur justified the frustration expressed by Charles Leclerc as he had to retire his car due to engine failure.

Shubham Shekhar
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Toto Wolff and Frederic Vasseur

Toto Wolff and Frederic Vasseur (Source: X)

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The Canadian Grand Prix 2024 has turned the tables for both Ferrari and Mercedes. Ferrari faced a lot of struggles as they had to retire both of their cars and registered a double DNF. On the other hand, Mercedes showcased their dominance as they finished third and fourth in the race making their best performance of the season. 

However, after the race, their drivers were a lot of frustrated and it forced team principals to take charge and motivate them. Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur justified the frustration expressed by Charles Leclerc as he had to retire his car due to engine failure.

Speaking about it Vasseur said, "For Charles, when you are in the car, you are fighting in a group and you see that you're missing 10 or 15kph and you have no chance to overtake - your engineers are telling you that we are losing something like 80 horsepower - I can perfectly understand that the motivation is difficult to find in this kind of situation."

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"You know that you are in Canada, that you won't be overtaken with these kinds of deficits. I perfectly understand the frustration. If he was not frustrated in these conditions, I would be worried." He further stated that he was unable to know the reason behind the engine issues.

"No, not yet, because it's too early stage. But it's not just the engine itself," the 56-year-old replied when asked if he knew what the cause of the problem was. "I think it's more the control of the engine, that we had to stop the engine completely”, says Vasseur.

Toto Wolff asks his drivers to look at positives after Lewis Hamilton’s comments

Meanwhile, Mercedes showcased a brilliant show at the Canadian Grand Prix 2024. Running with a new front wing they dominated the track and were second fastest team of the weekend. However, some mistakes from Hamilton and Russell forced them to finish 3rd and 4th which triggered a lot of frustration from them. 

Speaking about it with media Wolff said, "I think when you finish third and fourth, from where we have been coming from, then it is a positive race. Third and fourth is so much better than we had previously in the last few races, so that is good, but I think both drivers saw that there was more up for grabs.”

"We could have gained a position or two, and that is why there is a kind of negative sentiment, but if you would have given them third and fourth before the weekend, they probably would have taken it. I mean in FP3, Lewis put up a lap that was out of this world, and then his long run was stratospheric, galactical."

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"There was a lot of pace but in qualifying, we seem to be very strong at the beginning and then lose a little bit of performance. Maybe we could have optimised it at the end, but the car was very quick. But this track is very different to everything else, it is an outlier, so hopefully we can demonstrate that we have found genuine pace in Spain."

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