'It does look like that their upgrade was a downgrade...'- Mercedes technical director gives his views on Red Bulls drop in form

Mercedes Technical Director James Allison gives an opinion on Red Bulls' poor performances in the last few races this season. What could be the reason behind this shocking drop?

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There is no doubt that Red Bull is a team that has been on top in the last few seasons. After all, this has been a team that has by far had one of the best cars in the business and one of the best drivers in the race. The last two seasons have been another great run by the team finishing on top twice in a row. This season has also seen them leading the charts as well among the other big teams in the season.

Though still on top in the standings, The last few races for the team have not exactly gone to plan and this has been a trending story right now. The last two races have also been disappointing for the two-time champions. out of the last three races Red Bull has won only once and has struggled in Monaco and the recently concluded Canadian FP1. These were some of the rarest moments where the Ferrari and McLaren players were coming out on top against a strong-looking team.

Allison speaks on the downfall

The Monaco Grand Prix was one of the races where you saw the Red Bull drivers struggle to get going at all. Even the likes of Max Verstappen who is one of the dominant figures in racing right now have not lived up to his potential in Monaco as well. The Dutch finished 6th in the last race and was perhaps one of his disappointing performances as well. On this matter technical director of Mercedes, James Allison had a say on the downfall saying " My guess is that as there is a decent range of cornering speeds, they'll be useful again,  But it does look like that their upgrade was a downgrade, so fingers crossed. It makes life hard as if you are not trusting your tools, you have to back-track and you lose loads of time."

Though Allison has given some tough criticism on why the team has failed in the last few big races, he still praises them and believes they can come back in the next few races. Since we all know that Red Bull is still one of the top teams and we hope they take this criticism and get back to their best in the Canadian Grand Prix.

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