Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut bemoans lack of innovation in F1 fraternity, blames rivals for copying Red Bull

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko didn't look pleased while blaming the competitors for allegedly copying the concepts developed by Red Bull.

Umesh Sharma
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Dr Marko Helmut, advisor, Red Bull (File Photo: Internet)

Dr Marko Helmut, advisor, Red Bull (File Photo: Internet)

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In recent news, Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko has come up with a big statement while speaking about the concerns of ‘innovation’ in the F1 fraternity. He has criticised the racing fraternity's rivals for allegedly copying the ‘Red Bull’ designs and patterns usually followed by Red Bull.

Notably, F1 is heading towards the Canadian Grand Prix so all teams are preparing for the big battle.

In a setback for Red Bull, Max Verstappen faced a defeat for the first time since he was down in the Singapore Grand Prix last year. However, Lando Norris had a good time at the track but that is quite little to consider as compensation for Verstappen's defeat.

Now, Red Bull is eyeing proving themselves in the current season as they have been in good form which they had around the end of 2023 a couple of months back.

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“They have copied and even improved several things” – Marko Helmut

Returning to Marko, he pointed out that the rivals, in their quest to match the standards of Red Bull, have copied or replicated the concepts, patterns or designs developed by Red Bull.

We have lost the dominance of the first three races, the competition has caught up in the third year of the current regulations,” said Dr Helmut to Kronen Zeitung.

"In the process, they have copied and even improved several things. There is not much room for innovation anymore. It's just a logical development, nothing honourable,” he added later.

Furthermore, Marko also spoke about the importance of their lead driver Max Verstappen for the team, which might play a crucial role when it comes to overcoming the McLarens and Ferraris.

“When it rains, the Verstappen factor comes to the fore again,” he said while speaking about the Dutchman.

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