Wrong bookings and botch ups that made fans angry with outcome of Money in the Bank 2024

WWE: A certain section of fans are unhappy with the results of the Money in the Bank 2024. Along with them, some botch ups led to the overall disappointment of the fans.

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Wrong bookings and botch up that made fans angry with outcome of Money in the Bank 2024

Wrong bookings and botch up that made fans angry with outcome of Money in the Bank 2024 (Source: X)

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Fans have expressed their disappointment over booking and botchups of the Money in the Bank 2024. While the matches turned out to be great, the fans felt it was a disappointing PLE due to the end result. No match got a perfect approval from the fans as they had a lot of issues with the ending. The fans complained that the end result of every match could've been different and it would've meant a great PLE.

In the first match, the fans were unhappy with Drew McIntyre winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. They felt having some emerging talents like Jey Uso or LA Knight should've won the contract. The opinion became strong after Drew failed to cash-in his contract against Damian Priest. The only show that probably got the approval of the fans was John Cena announcing his retirement. But that wasn't a match.

In the Intercontinental Championship match, Sami Zayn emerged victorious against Bron Breakker. Many fans felt it was right on Bron to dethrone Zayn. They felt the Montreal star has been over pushed a lot in the last few months. There was a lot of criticism on the match between Seth Rollins and Damian. It was probably the most criticised match of the night due to the end result and an unforgivable botchup.

Disappointment over Money in the Bank contract winners

In one of the moments in the match, Seth attempted a pinfall over the Judgement Day star. However, the referee did not count the third and himself considered Priest to have kicked out at two, when in reality, the world champion had not kicked out. And when CM Punk cost Drew and Seth the title with his interference, the fans were furious at 'wasting' Money in the Bank briefcase.

The opinion was the same with the women's MITB match. While Tiffany Stratton was one of the favorites, fans believed Chelsea Green deserved to win. The main event match between the Bloodline and Team Cody witnessed a botchup. Tonga Loa failed to deliver a perfect low blow in both instances. The fact that Cody got pinned by Solo Sikoa did not go well with the fans either. 

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