Little tweak in in-ring skills and Ludwig Kaiser could be a top heel

WWE: Ludwig Kaiser has improved massively in the last few weeks. His work on the mic and as a character has been amazing. A bit of tweak in his in-ring skills could lead him to be a top heel.

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Little tweak in in-ring skills and Ludwig Kaiser could be a top heel

Little tweak in in-ring skills and Ludwig Kaiser could be a top heel (Source: X)

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Ludwig Kaiser has come of age in the last few weeks. Since WrestleMania XL, Kaiser has shown sparks to become a great heel in the near future. As per the orders of the King General, Ludwig took out Giovani Vinci and sent him packing out of the Imperium. Additionally, Kaiser was responsible for the injury of Kofi Kingston. These are not even his most impressive feats.

His feud with Sheamus and Bron Breakker has brought the best work from him. Kaiser has been brilliant on the mic. His backstage segments always seem like a top star speaking his heart out while being in the character. He has a natural charisma of a heel. Just looking at him, one could feel the negative vibes, which augurs well for a heel.

Gunther has not appeared on Raw lately but Kaiser has made the most of it as a solo wrestler. His promos against Sheamus and Bron have been amazing. Against Sheamus, he has displayed the work of a top heel. Even in the match between the two on Monday Night Raw, Kaiser put on a fantastic performance and delivered a classic match.

Is a tweak needed in in-ring skills?

Additionally, his latest match against Bron Breakker showed he could go a long way as a heel. He already has the crowd behind him as they chanted "You Suck" collectively. The only tweak that might be needed in his arse would probably be a better finisher. His in-ring skills are good and are improving constantly. But a fiery finisher could lead him to be a top heel.

There can also be a case of Ludwig attacking Gunther to make him a pro heel. When Gunther needs to become a face, it could help Ludwig's character too. By the end of the ongoing feud with Sheamus and Bron, there is a chance of Kaiser establishing himself by playing the negative character. Fans, commentators, and analysts are impressed by Kaiser. He can ride on the momentum and further improve himself.

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