Jey Uso names his greatest WrestleMania Main Event

WWE: Jey Uso revealed his greatest WrestleMania Main Event in a recent interview. Additionally, the Main Event Jey Uso named his 'Tribal Chief' following the latest developments.

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Jey Uso revealed the best WrestleMania Main Event. The younger Uso claimed that the WrestleMania XL for him was the best match as it involved himself as a wrestler and as a fan. Jey revealed about the plans he knew that involved himself and Jimmy Uso. Jey said that he knew about spearing Jimmy through the stage. The younger Uso claimed that he wanted to enjoy the match.

Jey said that he wanted to watch the match as a fan. He claimed it to be the best WrestleMania Main Event match. The former Bloodline member claimed that the best moment of the match was seeing the Undertaker in the arena. The contribution of the Main Event Jey was crucial for Cody as it took Jimmy out of the equation, reducing the threat to the American Nightmare.

"I made sure after I did what I did to hurry up and kind of get to the back so I could continue watching the match because I automatically turned into a fan again. I think it was the best main event in WrestleMania ever. My favorite part might have been when The Undertaker popped up," said the former Tag Team champion in an interview. 

Jey Uso's Tribal Chief

In the interview, the WWE Superstar was asked about his Tribal Chief. There have been several questions raised about the new Head of the Table. Some claim that Solo Sikoa might be the new Tribal Chief as claimed by himself. Others claim that The Rock might be giving instructions to the Enforcer of the Bloodline from behind the scenes.

There are people who believe Roman as the Tribal Chief despite being away from action. Jey happened to be one of those who acknowledged Roman as the Tribal Chief. In the interview, Uso said that Roman would always be his Tribal Chief. It might be a good sign for Paul as there is a good chance of him joining hands with Roman and Jimmy to take down the chaos created by Sikoa and Tonga brothers.

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