AJ Styles wishes to face The Rock on major condition

WWE: AJ Styles spoke about facing The Rock in the future. the phenomenal one, who is currently a heel, had one major condition about the faceoff with the final boss.

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AJ Styles spoke about a potential feud with The Rock. The phenomenal one was in an interview recently and the question was asked about his take on The People's Champ. The 2-time world champion said that he would definitely be interested in having a match with the great one. Additionally, Styles had a big condition for the faceoff, which might be difficult to execute.

Styles said that he must remain heel and Dwayne Johnson must turn face for their faceoff. AJ felt that being a mediocre bad guy does not do any good for him and added that he would love to transition himself into a proper heel. The statement of AJ has gone viral on the internet. The fans have mixed opinions on it. While some believe, it is possible, others feel it is impossible.

"Of course, I'm interested—but only if that means The Rock is turning babyface. I'm not interested in being a mediocre bad guy. I want to bring this to a whole new level," said Styles in the interview. AJ was a part of the main event on Backlash 2024 where he took on Cody Rhodes for the world title. While the match was brilliant, the outcome was not in his favor.

Can AJ Styles' wish be a reality?

Since the return from his injury, Styles has grown in stature. His character is that of a heel as he turned against LA Knight. In WrestleMania XL, he lost to the megastar but returned well by winning against him on Smackdown to be the number-one contender for Rhodes. There is no point in changing his character now, as he has delivered some of the best work in recent times.

On the other hand, the final boss turned heel a couple of weeks after Royal Rumble 2024. He slapped Cody Rhodes in the kickoff event and gave a great run as a heel till WrestleMania XL. Given how over The Rock is as a heel, it is unlikely that he would turn face again in the near future. Hence, the wish of Styles might be difficult to be fulfilled.

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