Is Seth Rollins back to his prime form?

WWE: In the match against Damian Priest at the Money in the Bank, Rollins showed glimpses of his prime form. He added a couple of new moves to his arsenal and showed improvisation.

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Is Seth Rollins back to his prime form?

Is Seth Rollins back to his prime form? (Source: X)

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Seth Rollins seems to have returned to his prime form. He is someone who has suffered a lot of injuries in his career. The visionary sustained a back injury in the early stages of his career in the mid-2010s. It hindered his movement as an in-ring wrestler. Many feel he could've been much better as a wrestler without the injuries.

Before his back injury, Seth was a beast. He could fly in between the ropes as long as one wanted. He could be very athletic and produce great matches for a long time with incredible stamina. But after sustaining the injury, he limited some of his move sets. We shouldn't be mistaken, as he was still a great wrestler, but not at the level fans knew he was during his prime.

Things seemed to return to his prime days in the Money in the Bank. He was up against Damian and it was his first match since WrestleMania XL. Seth had disappeared to get treatment for his torn ACL and meniscus a few months ago. On his return, Seth showed incredible skills as an in-ring wrestler. Priest had an off day and Rollins carried him throughout the match. 

Addition of new moves to Arsenal

His moves like flying through the ropes were back. He did them three times in a row like he used to do back in his prime in 2015. One could genuinely sense the intent in him to deliver for the fans. He was brilliant in the match and there was the required hunger to gain the title back. Not to forget, the visionary got his blonde hair back. In his prime, Seth Rollins had all these features.

Another impressive aspect of his game was his improved skill sets. Apart from his original move sets, the revolutionary seemed to have added two more moves to his arsenal. It is visible that Seth has worked hard for his return and to be a better version of himself. In the latest episode of Raw, his promo against CM Punk gave the vibes of his prime version where he could beat the best in the business on the mic. 

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