WATCH: Protestors interrupting the Keys vs Cirstea match in 4th round of Italian Open

Protesters completely disrupt the Italian Open 4th round match between Madison Keys and Sorana Cirstea. White confetti thrown on the ground has got people questioning about the security.

Aiman Sharma
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Italian Open protester(Source- X)

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The Italian Open has witnessed some dramatic moments in the competition already. Not due to some surprising results in the game, but also some outside forces causing problems. The Djokovic bottle accident was one of the major events which we hoped would not have occurred. Who would've thought that a normal ATP/WTA 1000 tournament would cause a lot of drama in the world of tennis?

The other thing in tennis games which causes a lot of problems is the protestors. This is one of the biggest problems in the sport that has gone on for a long time. There have been many incidents where these people due to their aggressive and violent actions cause a disruption in the flow of the game. Unfortunately, for everyone incidents like these are still causing a lot of problems.

Keys and Cirstea's match was suspended due to protestors

It was the fourth round of the tournament between Madison Keys and Sorona Cirstea who were playing for a spot in the playoffs. The first set was completed without any interruption, however, it was the second set where the drama started. After 4 games were completed a protester came onto the court and spread white confetti everywhere. This was a big problem for which security personnel had to be called to forcefully take him out.

Watch the video below-

This also led to the match being suspended due to the surface completely destroyed due to the white confetti. This was really a very embarrassing and sad moment for the fans and the players who wanted to see a great match of tennis. Fortunately for the players they still had a full match which will satisfy the fans and the players who got a full game of tennis without any interruptions on the day. Other than that this was another incident that had caused a lot of problems for everyone who was present at this match.


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