WATCH: Emma Raducanu answer questions regarding Judy Murray's reaction

Emma Raducanu gives a reply to reporters asking questions regarding Judy Murray's reaction to her withdrawing from mixed doubles with Andy Murray.

Aiman Sharma
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Emma Raducanu(Source- Daily mail)

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Wimbledon 2024 might have had some great and thrilling matches so far, but there are still some controversial issues in the middle of the tournament. There have been moments where the players have met with a lot of criticism regarding some major decisions.

The one issue which was trending all over social media was when Great Britain's upcoming star Emma Raducanu decided to withdraw from the mixed doubles competition which she was going to play with the legendary Andy Murray. This caused a lot of people to question Raducanu who they think they think have ruined the farewell of the former World number one and 3-time Grand Slam winner. This also caused a viral reaction from Andy's mother Judy Murray as well.

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Emma answers the questions

Emma Raducanu was in a press conference where she was also questioned on this matter. She was also asked to give her views on Judy Murray's reaction which seemed extremely sarcastic from the veteran. The 21-year-old star avoided any backlash not believing that Andy Murray's mother meant it that way. The former US Open Champion handled the questions really well and showed her respect to the former player and coach. This was a smart move from the young star on this occasion.

Watch the video below-

This was the most viral topic which was trending all over social media and Raducanu chose to give a reply that did not cause a lot of problems on the issue. Raducanu handled the press well and it seems like there are no personal grudges by the former top 10 Great Britain star. Overall we all will be wishing luck to Raducanu for the next few competitions where she can still come back in form.

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