WATCH: Donna Vekic ruin Paula Badosa Wimbledon playoff dream in 4th round game

Donna Vekic beats former World number 2 Paula Badosa and makes it to the quarter-finals of Wimbledon 2024. Another big surprise we have got in this tournament.

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Donna Vekic and Paula Badosa (Source- T Portal and Eurosport)

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Wimbledon 2024 is still in round 4 and we have already enjoyed the matches this season that have entertained us a lot as major tennis fans. After all, this is the last game for the playoffs which also gives them the chance to make it to the playoffs of the iconic Grass court season Grand Slam event. There are still some more matches to look forward to which will give us some great matchups going forward. This has been the tournament that has given us some great matches throughout the years and there are a lot of great players who are still alive in this tournament.

The match that we are going to talk about is between former world number 2 Paula Badosa and Croatian Donna Vekic. These two players have recently given some great performances and were just one game away from making it to the quarter-finals of the tournament. This round 4 game was something to look forward to for every tennis fan, who has wanted to see who will finally make it to their first-ever quarter-finals of this Grand Slam event. This was really a matchup to look at.

Vekic emerges victorious

Though both these players were unseeded going into the contest, this was a game where Paula Badosa was the favorite to win being a former World number 2, unfortunately for her the match did not start in her feature as she lost the first set by a margin of 6-2. The Spaniard might have made a solid comeback with a 6-1 victory in the second set but unfortunately emerged on the losing side in the third and final one. It was Vekic who emerged victorious winning the last and final set 6-4 and getting to her first-ever Wimbledon playoff. This was another thrilling game between two talented players and seemed to be an emotional moment for the Croatian as well as she celebrated the achievement with tears in her eyes.

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Watch the video below-

Though Vekic had all the reason to celebrate this win this was another heartbreaking end for Badosa who had also struggled a lot to make it this far in the competition. This means that she will have to wait for another tournament to finally get back up in the rankings. We hope the Spaniard can come back stronger and become the player she was meant to be and finally achieve the success she deserves.



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