WATCH: Aryna Sabalenka enjoys her break after a hectic and grueling Roland Garros tournament

Aryna Sabalenka enjoys her time after her long and hectic Clay season and French Open schedule. World number 2 chilling in her off time and enjoying the fresh air.

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The French Open or Roland Garros is one of the tournaments everyone has looked forward to and the fans have even had a great time watching some iconic matches. This has been a season to remember for everyone and it is suddenly down to the final which will be played between Iga Swiatek and Jasmine Paolini. However, we should also look into the performances of some of the top players who have given great performances as well.

One of them was world number 2 Aryna Sabalenka, who is currently the World number 2 in the WTA rankings. She had enjoyed a great season and also was playing some great tennis at the Roland Garros as well. She, unfortunately, had to bow out of the semi-final as she faced defeat against Russia's young prospect Mirra Andreeva. Though it was slightly disappointing to see her lose, it was still great to see her give it her all even when she was not looking 100% in the game. It has still been a great season for the Belarusians despite a heartbreaking loss.

Sabalenka enjoying her time off

Though the French Open has been enjoyed by the fans and the players, it was also a very gruelling tournament for the players as well, especially for Sabalenka who has played a lot of games during this tournament. Even though Sabalenka would be disappointed after the loss, she seems to be enjoying her time on her beach house and enjoying the sea breeze on her break. The 2-time Grand Slam champion has posted on social media enjoying the seaside after a tiring schedule.

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Though there will be some people who will question this story of Sabalenka not taking the game seriously and choosing to take a break, we also have to understand that it has been a season where Sabalenka has been playing continuously and also playing long hours. We also have to remember that she was looking slightly unwell in the semi-final as well, which makes even more sense as to why she needs to take some time off.

Aryna Sabalenka Roland Garros