WATCH: Anna Kalinskaya shows her support from the stands as Jannik Sinner reaches the quarterfinals

Anna Kalinskaya supports her boyfriend Jannik Sinner in his 4th-round match against Ben Shelton in Wimbledon 2024. A great day to see your love make it to the playoffs.

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The Wimbledon 2024 is currently in round 4 and we still have a lot of great games to witness this season. After all, this is a tournament filled with great matches that are about to come up and there are still many games to witness. There are still no clear winners during this tournament, but everyone has favorites going forward.

One of the biggest stars and favorites in Tennis right now is Jannik Sinner who is currently the World number one and has been playing some great tennis off late. The Italian sensation has recently won his 4th round game against American young star Ben Shelton, who has equally been in the best form of his life right now. Sinner beat Shelton in three straight sets and made his way into the quarter-finals of Wimbledon 2024. It will be interesting to see how far he goes and gets his hands on his first-ever grass-court Grand Slam title.

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Sinner- Kalinskaya continues

There is no doubt this is a great day for Sinner in this tournament, but he will definitely not be celebrating it alone since the game was also witnessed by his girlfriend and upcoming Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya who has seen her boyfriend get to the playoffs. The Sinner-Kalinskaya story continues and it is a happy moment for her to see her boyfriend have another successful game. This is a story that might go on for a long time and it might be the other way around tomorrow as Anna will be having her fourth-round match against Elena Rybakina as well. Which will be another great match to look forward to.

Watch the video below-

It is great to see that their love is spreading all over Wimbledon and we can't wait to see them make the playoffs together. Anna will be looking forward to her game against one of the best players in the world whereas Sinner will be looking forward to his quarter-final game. Overall this couple seems to be making headlines once again and we hope that they keep enjoying their great season going forward. They are right now one of the trending power couples of the tournament and we will wish them all the luck for their future as a player and as a union.


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