Top 5 potential coaches for Novak Djokovic

Check out the top 5 possible coaching candidates for world number 1 and 24 grand slam winner Novak Djokovic. Who could be the best choice going forward this season?

Aiman Sharma
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Novak Djokovic(Source- CBC)

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The man who is still ruling the tennis world is Novak Djokovic. With 24 grand slams and almost 100 career titles, he currently has one of the best careers a tennis player can ever have. Djokovic is still the world number 1 player and has dominated every grand slam and ATP tournament known to man. His game is filled with flawless technique and his ability to cover the whole court and put pressure on his opponents.

The most surprising news that we have come to know is that the 37-year-old Serbian has split with his coach Goran Ivanisevic who is a former 2001 Wimbledon winner. Ivanisevic and Novak Djokovic have had some of the best seasons where he was responsible for winning the last 9 grand slams. It is surprising to think that a coach with whom Djokovic has had a lot of success will not be part of his camp going forward. It will be interesting to see who will be taking the reins of coaching the greatest player of all time right now.

So, here are the top 5 potential coaches for Djokovic going forward:

5. John Mcenroe


This might be a bit of a stretch since no one can see John Mcenroe as a coach at all. Mcenroe might be known as one of the most unique and slightly controversial personalities in tennis, but that does not mean that he is short of any knowledge. After all, he is a former world number 1 and 7-time grand slam winner. Mcenroe has also been known for his unconventional ways of training which could be something new for Djoko to experience.

4. Magnus Norman


Magnus Norman might have not been as popular and successful as Mcenroe, but still had a decent career. However, it is his coaching that made him a great name in tennis. Norman is one of the best coaches in tennis that everyone has come to know. He had a promising start while coaching fellow Swedish player Robin Soderling where he got him to the top 10 and 2 French Open finals. It was his run with Stan Wawrinka that established him as one of the best coaches taking him to 3 grand slam title wins. This could be a sign for Djokovic to make use of his experience and success.

3. Boris Becker

becker djoko

This split can lead Djokovic to go back to known faces in his camp. Boris Becker is not only one of the most popular German tennis players but has been Djokovic’s coach from 2013 to 2016. During these years Djoko has also gone on to win 6 grand slams and numerous titles. Becker also knows Djokovic’s game well which might lead to going back to hire him as a coach. It will also be good to see the two legends together again who have won 30 grand slams between them.

2. Viktor Troiki

troiki djoko

There might be a case where Djokovic will not only want someone to train him but need a loyal friend as well. Viktor Troiki is not only his countryman but one of his best friends and former hitting partner. Troika has also had enough experience as a Tennis player and has been his captain in the Davis Cup as well. There is no doubt that there will be some great camaraderie between these two which will be interesting to see how it pans out if takes the coaching job.

1. Nenad Zimonjic

zemonjic djoko

The candidate who has the most chances to get the job is 8-time grand slam winner Nenad Zimonjic. Zimonjic was also seen training with Djokovic and giving him tips during a practice session. Zimonjic is also a Serbian great in Tennis with a lot of experience and success. Seeing that he has had success while playing the doubles, we know that he is an absolute team player. This will surely be a great duo to see work together and achieve huge success.

Novak Djokovic