Novak Djokovic's coach rumours begins to spread as the Tennis maestro trains with alleged new coach

Rumors of Novak Djokovic's new coach spread all over with fans spotting him practicing in Belgrade. individual is said to be fellow countryman of the biggest Tennis superstar right now.

Aiman Sharma
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Novak Djokovic (Source- BBC)

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Novak Djokovic is still one of the best Tennis players in the world right now. The Serbian powerhouse has won everything right from his 98 career titles to 24 grand slam victories. Right now there is no one who has come close to the consistency of Djokovic right now. Even at the age of 36, he is still at the peak of his game and is in great form at the moment.

Like the player the coaches also deserve credit for bringing up a legend and Djoko’s coach Goran Ivanisevic is one of those individuals. However, it was revealed on social media that the two have gone separate ways after having 6 amazing years of tennis. Ivanesevic who is a former Wimbledon 2001 winner has helped the current great keep his place at the number 1 spot.

Djokovic spotted with potential future coach

Novak Djokovic was seen training at Belgrade for his upcoming tournament at Monte Carlo. Djoko was seen getting tips from fellow countryman and former tennis legend Nenad Zimonjic. Zimonjic, who has won 8 grand slam titles himself, was seen giving tips to Djokovic while he was training. Some people thought that he might be Djokovic’s new coach going forward as well.

However, these are just rumours and they were most likely friendly practice sessions between the two legends. While speaking on the coaching matters Djokovic has given clear statements. He has said that he might not have a coach at all as well. On his split with his former coach Novak has stated “First of all, Goran is my friend for life, mine and of my family’s. He is a very dear person to me, the end of our professional collaboration doesn’t mean that our friendship stops.” This tells us that relations have not been ruined, but the future plans are still a mystery to us.

Novak Djokovic