The story of scheduling major Grand Slam matches; Could it affect the physical and mental health of the players?

The scheduling of the Roland Garros has become a major debate for all the players and the experts on matches starting and finishing late. The big question is how are the players affected by this.

Aiman Sharma
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The ongoing Roland Garros has been giving us great matches and we have seen all the great players perform at their best. There is no doubt that being a Grand Slam tournament, the hype for these matches will be really high with all the big players on the cards who are also playing some of their best tennis. There is a lot of debate on one of the important aspects of these major tournaments which we will be looking into right now.

Though it is important to create some draws, the WTA and ATP also have to make sure that they schedule the matches in these tournaments as well. It is also important for the organizations to make sure that they schedule even the big matches so that they are flexible not only for the fans at the venue but also for the players who are competing. Unfortunately, this has been a reason why there have been a lot of players who have shared their problems on many games finishing late at night.

How could these late-night games affect the tournament?

There is a reason many players are sharing their concerns about the Roland Garros matches finishing at unearthly hours this season. There have been matches that have started in the evening and have gone on to finish at 3:00 AM. Players such as Coco Gauff, Iga Swiatek, and Novak Djokovic have also given their views on this problem saying it can affect the mental and physical health of the players. 

This is actually a problem that could cause major damage to the players since matches finishing late not only cause physical health which has to deal with excessive workload since there are hardly any breaks between the games, but mental since the players hardly get any rest between games. This problem has also led to issues that could have affected the withdrawal of Novak Djokovic who had played two consecutive matches that finished late at night. This should be something that Organizers have to look into since they cannot risk the health of the players, who are the main focus in these major tournaments. We hope there will be an improvement in the upcoming matches as well.

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