'Ohmg... I am screaming'- Fans react as Roger Federer and family attend Taylor Swift's concert

Roger Federer and his family seen at Taylor Swift's concerts concert in Switzerland. Swiss Maestro turns Swiftie on the day attending one of the biggest pop concerts.

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Roger Federer and Taylor Swift(Source- X and Daily mail)

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The season of tennis has seen some great headlines being made featuring some popular and legendary players in the setup. The current and the former players are still equally respected and still have a massive fanbase around the world in tennis. Though there are also some players who we miss, they are still making some great appearances all around the World.

The player the fans miss the most is Swiss Maestro Roger Federer, who is still regarded as one of the biggest sporting icons in Tennis with over 100 career titles which include 20 Grand Slam victories. Federer might have been retired from the game for over 2 years, but he is still trending all over the World with his documentary and his viral speech at Dartmouth College. It is safe to say that the former World number one is still as relevant off the field as it was on the field.

Maestro turns Swiftie

If you all thought that those public appearances were a lot, you are yet to be surprised again as Federer was seen along with his family in a Taylor Swift concert. The Maestro was seen enjoying with his family in the event of one of the biggest popstars in the world who is also a multiple-time Grammy winner. Federer even posted a photo with his family and Taylor Swift during the concert. It was a moment where we saw two legends in their field in the same frame. It also looked like the Federer family enjoyed their time at the concerts as well.

This was a moment that got all the fans insane on social media seeing the two iconic celebrities together. There are a lot of people who were happy to see both these icons together on social media, with one who had won hearts with his grace on the court while the other had won hearts with her melodic voice. These two are real inspirations of how to be successful in your respective fields.

Here is how the fans have reacted-

Roger Federer Taylor Swift