'If we don’t do something about it...'- Novak Djokovic gives his views on how Tennis tours can improve going forward

Novak Djokovic gives his opinions on how tennis tours can improve going forward. Very bold opinion given by the 24-time Grand Slam winner and former World number one.

Aiman Sharma
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Wimbledon has continued to be one of the greatest Grand Slam tournaments in the World and we all have enjoyed this tournament filled with iconic results. There have also been comebacks from many legendary figures of the game who are planning to make a comeback in this iconic tournament. This has once again been a tournament full of surprises.

The one legendary figure we all have been looking forward to is Novak Djokovic. The Serbian powerhouse has still managed to reach round 4 of the tournament despite coming back from surgery after a devastating knee injury. Djokovic has still managed to fight through the pain and will be set to play his next game against Holger Rune. It will be great toi see how he will perform against the young superstar.

Djokovic opinions on how tours can improve

There is already a big debate on how Tennis ATP tournaments are not getting that much of an audience compared to Grand Slams. Though the Grand Slam tournaments always provide the hype for the game, Djokovic has given his opinion on how the tours can improve and has given a bold statement in the press conference saying " If we don’t do something about it globally, they’re gonna convert all the tennis clubs into paddle or pickleball ". This implies that the game is endangered at the club level already.

Though there might be a lot of people who will have a problem with Djokovic's views, it seemed like the former World number and 24-time Grand Slam champion gave his honest opinion on this issue. There is no doubt that tennis is surviving on Grand Slams itself and there is a need for the ATP and WTA to try to best to give some of the ATP and WTA tournaments a bit of importance to make tennis a much more global sport.

Wimbledon Novak Djokovic