'I believe that Novak will find motivation...' - Novak Djokovic's former coach shares pleasant words about world number 1 player

Novak Djokovic gets complete motivational post from former coach and Wimbledon champion ahead of the season. No animosity and controversy looks possible as the two are still friends.

Aiman Sharma
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djokovic and ivanavesic

Novak Djokovic and Goran Ivanisevic(Source- Tennis.com)

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The greatest player in tennis right now without a doubt is Novak Djokovic. Even at 37 years of age, the Serbian has still made sure that he was on top of his game at the number 1 spot. Djokovic has won the most grand slams for any men's tennis player with 24 titles to his name. Their class, talent and approach to the game are what made the whole tennis world acknowledge him as the greatest of all time right now.

Along with  Djokovic are his incredible coaches as well. The only surprising news we have got to hear is Djoko splitting from his coach Goran Ivanesevic who was a former Wimbledon champion in 2001 and won 9 grand slams with Djokovic in his coaching tenure. Seeing the success the player had with Goran, it will be interesting to see who finally takes the mantle after this decision.

Goran and his great words

Even after this split, there does not seem to be animosity or problems between the two. Djokovic revealed that they are still great friends despite not being part of his camp. Even Goran Ivanesevic made a great and positive remark on the player saying “ "I believe that Novak will find motivation, I am sure of it. I wish him Olympic gold with all my heart, even more than the Slams. It’s something that he wants, he feels like he owes it to someone, although he doesn’t owe anyone anything."

These are motivational words coming from a great coach. This should be enough for Djokovic to win another big title in the game. It shows the amount of respect shown between two great tennis players and not even giving angry or controversial reactions as well. Goran has proved himself as a coach as much as Djoko has proved himself as a coach. We all will miss seeing these two players on the same court and win big games whether it is ATP or a grand slam.


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