'Just keep in mind the word usage when criticizing....' - Coco Gauff hits back at Vogue cover critics

Coco Gauff made headlines when she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine in April. The 20-year-old appeared in a gold Michael Kors gown, with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz credited with taking the snapshots.

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Coco Gauff

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Tennis star Coco Gauff opened up on Recho Omondi, who has just criticised her in the fashion show. Notably, Gauff recently had a shoot with Annie Leibovitz and was featured on the cover of the magazine's April edition. The star player wore a Michael Kors dress, had the hair done by Lancy Redway, and had the makeup done by Raisa Flowers.

However, the hosts of the fashion show have claimed that Annie Leibovitz failed to do justice to star  Coco Gauff. Meanwhile, Roach claimed that the pictures were too beautiful, but Omondi disagreed with him very strongly. Following the same, Gauff took his comments seriously, voiced her opinion, and revealed that one should respect the cover's feelings over making silly talks in front of the media.

"Hi! I understand your take but when criticizing please consider the people in the cover’s feelings. To say it wasn’t beautiful is a tad bit mean just say you felt it could be captured better. Thank you and I know that! I just felt that could've been translated better that's it. I felt beautiful at first and after all the conversations I cried and felt like it wasn't beautiful. I know I'm not a model or the prettiest but just keep in mind the word usage when criticizing," Gauff said.

But to flat out say it wasn’t beautiful it’s tough: Coco Gauff

Meanwhile, Gauff further talked about how Omendi should try to advocate for things for the better, commenting on the beauty of the picture. She further talked about the technical aspects of the photography. The comments clearly left their mark on Gauff, who let her feelings be known in the comment section of the podcast.

"I know in the end you're trying to advocate for better but I think there's a way to do that without commenting on the beauty of the picture. Comment on lighting, angle unflattering angle etc. But to flat out say it wasn’t beautiful it’s tough," she added further.