Best win Percentage in clay season 2023

Check out who had the best win percentage on clay last season. These are the great years when the players conquered the toughest surface in tennis and became masters.

Aiman Sharma
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Best Win percentage on clay (Source- X)

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The stage is set for the clay season to take place in Tennis. With the Monte Carlo and French Open coming up, the Tennis enthusiasts will be ready for the clay season. The clay courts are some of the toughest courts to play on due to the sticky nature and high bounce it generates. It is not always the easiest court to decipher. There are only a few players who have been able to decipher the clay.

The court generally supports aggressive baseline players, capable of generating power in their shots. Players like Rafael Nadal are known as the king of the clay due to his aggressive style of play. It does not mean that players who mostly play in front cannot be effective as Roger Federer and Andy Murray have had some success on clay. The 2023 season saw some great clay performances by the players, which we are going to look into.

So, here are the players with the best win rate in the 2023 clay season:

3. Novak Djokovic- 80%


It is difficult to get hold of a list of people who do not feature Novak Djokovic. He has conquered every tournament that he has played. Djoko is still the world's number one and is still one of the toughest players to play against due to his ability to surprise opponents with his ability to cover the entire court. Djokovic has had a great run in the clay season with an 80% win rate. He had also won the French Open last season. 

 2. Holger Rune- 80%


One of the most talented players from Denmark is Holger Rune. The 20-year-old Danish has shown some great talent early into his professional career. The experts are comparing his style to Djokovic, who is well-rounded and extremely aggressive. Rune has made it to the French Open quarter-finals for a consecutive time in 2023 to go along with being a finalist in the Monte Carlo masters. This resulted in him achieving a win rate of 80% in this clay season.

 1. Carlos Alcaraz- 89.3%


It is not surprising that Carlos Alcaraz has made this list as well. He is regarded as the next king of clay after Nadal and has more or less the same powerful shots and aggressive baseline shot-making. Last season was a prime example of best clay records. Alcaraz has had the best record in the clay season with a win rate of 89.3%. Alcaraz was one of the semi-finalists last season to go with the number of great titles in the clay season. This is what got the 20-year-old Spaniard to stardom and now he is one of the top ranked players in the world.


Novak Djokovic