Will Ospreay, Hook, Bryan Danielson and FTR claim wins on AEW Collision's latest episode

Pro Wrestling: In the latest episode of AEW Collision, there were some important matches. Top wrestlers like Will Ospreay, Hook, Bryan Danielson, and FTR claimed wins.

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AEW Collision's latest episode turned out to be decent to watch. It had some good matches and decent promos cut. The night started with the match between Will Ospreay and Shane Taylor. It was alright. In the end, Ospreay claimed a win by pinning Taylor. Johnny TV was later up against the sensation Hook. The match was not that worthy of a watch.

While the experience of Johnny was always on cards, he could not handle the fearsome nature of Hook who claimed a win through pinfall. Rocky Romero took on Katsuyori Shibata in a match. It was probably the second best of the lot. Both wrestlers have a good performance and entertained the crowd. Shibata claimed a win through pinfall and wished Romero luck for the next few weeks.

Bryan Keith and Boulder took on each other in a match. In the Number one contender match for FTW title, the duo competed. The match was rather forgettable and Keith claimed a win. Orange Cassidy and Isiah Kassidy took on each other in a match. It was a fun filled match with both wrestlers selling off the moves well. In the end, Orange managed to beat Isiah through pinfall. 

Team of AEW emerge victorious

In the match between Serena Deeb and Anna Jay, there were some good moments. But the fans did not quite enjoy it. Deeb claimed a win over Jay after a bit of intervention from Toni Storm. FTR and Bryan Danielson were up against The Righteous and Lance Archer. The triple tag team match was not bad as it served the purpose. The team of AEW claimed a much needed win ahead of Double or Nothing.

Jack Cartwheel and Nick Wayne took on each other in a brief match. It had good moments but did not deliver the goods to a great extent. Wayne emerged victorious against Jack. In the main event of the night, Kyle O'Reilly took on Lee Moriarty which turned out to be the best match. The duo gave everything and delivered the goods. O'Reilly stood tall and deservedly so.

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