WATCH: Pepe left speechless after journalist thanks him for his service for Portugal

Pepe met a journalist after Portugal got knocked out of the UEFA Euro 2024 last night and was left speechless after the reporter thanked him for whatever he gave for the nation.

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Pepe was clearly moved when, in an interview after his team's Friday night loss to France in the UEFA Euro 2024, a journalist praised him for his amazing career and achievements to Portuguese football.

Many people have speculated that Cristiano Ronaldo's participation in the 2024 European Championship with Portugal may be his final one. Following the country's quarterfinal loss to France, which sent them packing, a lot of attention was focused on the possibility that Ronaldo's appearance would be his final one. However, he's not the only notable Portuguese celebrity who has most likely participated during the Euros for the very last time.

This summer, Pepe, who was 41 years and 130 days old, became the oldest football player to ever compete at the Euros when he took on France in the quarterfinals. Though he was over 40, he looked much younger and was impressive throughout the competition. A news reporter took the opportunity to honor his amazing achievements to Portugal throughout the years, even if his future is currently uncertain, and he was visibly moved.

The former Real Madrid said, "I don't know what your decision will be, whether you will continue, whether you will give up, but before you make your decision, congratulations to the Portuguese who will do this too, for your fantastic career in this National team, your fantastic longevity, with this symbol of the fact, a great hug and see you next time."

What lies ahead for Pepe in football?

Pepe is in his 40s now and has regressed, but for the most part of his career, he has been unquestionably good. Having played for Real Madrid for ten years, he has achieved nearly every success in club football. The defender spent more than 300 games with Los Blancos, and despite his reputation for making reckless tackles, he has been a consistent player for his team and his nation for more than 20 years.

Pepe doesn't have much time left in football, and that much is apparent. However, when he does hang up his boots, he can rest easy knowing that he achieved more than any footballer could ever dream of.


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