WATCH: Horrific scenes unfold after Brazilian police shoots player during domestic game

Check out the horrific scenes witnessed during a local Brazilian football game after a player is shot by police during a domestic game only on

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Gremio Anapolis (Source-X)

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Football took a turn for the worse during a Brazilian domestic match between Gremio Anapolis versus Centro Oeste. The match ended 2-1 in favor of Centro Oeste but this is where the entire tragedy happened. 

Both sides were involved in a massive fracas during the course of the match. Sensing things going out of control the security personnel present during the game decided to interject to bring sanity back into the game.

One of the police personnel shot a rubber bullet which hit Gremio’s goalkeeper Ramon Silva on the thigh. The goalkeeper was spotted lying on the ground in agony and pain as he was taken to the medical facility for immediate treatment. 

Gremio Anapolis releases statement 

Once the entire incident came to light the football club issued a statement to the media. "The Anapolis Guild comes to the public to repudiate the unfortunate, ridiculous and revolting event, at the Jonas Duarte Stadium, this Wednesday night”

The statement also read “After the end of the match against Centro Oeste, our goalkeeper Ramon Souza was cowardly hit by a rubber bullet, carried out by a police officer”

“A horrible, unbelievable and criminal act by someone who should value the safety and integrity of the people, who were there at the Jonas Duarte Stadium” the statement from Gremio further said. 

Meanwhile, the club called it a dark day for football when it said “July 10th is marked by a violent, dirty and horrible act against one of our players, which will never be forgotten. The GEA informs that it will take competent measures so that the responsible person is punished and that justice is done so that this CRIMINAL act does not go unpunished”

Gremio Anapolis also confirmed that “Our goalkeeper was attended on the field by GEA's doctor, Dr. Diego Bento, who performed first aid in the mobile UTI”. As of this moment, it isn’t known about the fitness stature of the player who was shot by the cop. 

For their part, the Brazilian law personnel also released a statement which read “The Military Police informs that it was immediately ordered to open an administrative procedure to investigate the facts with due rigor. The Military Police of Goiás reaffirms its commitment to complying with the law, and reiterates that it does not condone any misconduct practised by its members”