Cesc Fabregas delivers passionate speech after his side gains promotion to Serie A

Cesc Fabregas, the assistant manager for Serie B side Como delivered a passionate speech to the team after they gained promotion back to the Serie A.

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Cesc Fabregas assisted in helping Como win Serie B, and he and his teammates are about to take up Ibiza in celebration. The FC Barcelona legend, who also serves as the club's assistant manager and shareholder, has played an important role in the team's return to Serie A.

Following Moreno Longo's dismissal, Fabregas was named acting first-team manager. However, because he lacked a UEFA Pro coaching licence at the time, he was only granted a one-month special exemption, with Fabregas becoming the deputy to Welshman Osian Roberts, the club's caretaker and head of development.

Together, the pair oversaw Como's return into the Italian top flight for the very first time after 2003. Fabregas delivered an emotive address in the dressing room after their 1-1 draw with Cosenza on Friday night, securing second place in Serie B.

Como's resurgence up the Italian hierarchy has been nothing short of spectacular, having been adjudged bankrupt twice during the past two decades.The club's initial bankruptcy in 2004 resulted in relegation to Serie D, followed by a second in 2016, which saw Como slip to the fourth division.

However, after being bought out by SENT Entertainment in 2019, which was sponsored by the Hartono family and the Djarum Foundation, Como won both Serie D and Serie C within two years.

What did Cesc Fabregas say after his side gained promotion?

In a video released by CBS Sports, the former Chelsea midfielder cautioned the Como team that the hard work begins now, before pledging to transport them across Europe's party capital.

The former Arsenal superstar said, "First of all, congratulations, you truly had a season of champions. I know that today we didn't finish in the way that we perhaps wanted, by winning. Tomorrow training at ten. 

He added, “But one thing I have to say before we go out there with all our fans, thank you, but be strong, because this year is nothing. This is only the warm-up. Next year, more efficiency, more work. And like how I promised and you guys wanted... do you want to go to Ibiza?"

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