Carnival Gaming Akshat takes a temporary break from competitive BGMI

With the BGMS 2024 just around the corner, popular BGMI pros Akshat's decision to not play with Carnival Gaming had left the fans wondering about the player's intensions.

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Carnival Gaming Akshat

Carnival Gaming Akshat not playing BGMS 2024 (Image - Instagram)

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Popular BGMI player and former Soul member, Akshat is not going to be a part of his current team Carnival Gaming in the upcoming BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) Season 3. This has left many of his fans worried that the player is joining another org or going to another team, while others speculated it could just be a break.

The decision also came after the team failed to perform at the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024. Despite reaching the grand finals, the team returned home with a huge upset and was among one of the last teams across the leaderboard.

Akshat clarifies the situation regarding his absence from BGMS

With so much talk going on regarding his absence, Akshat has now come forward to address this issue himself, so there is no drama. In his Instagram story, the professional BGMI player revealed that his absence is only temporary as he is taking a break from competitive gaming.

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“Many of you are confused about whether I am leaving esports, taking a break, or joining another team. Let me clear this up for everyone: I am taking a break for some time. I will try to come back soon. In the meantime, please support our team in BGMS. I'm rooting for you guys!” he wrote.

This clarifies all the doubts fans were having regarding his presence in Carnival Gaming. His decision to not take part in the tournament is also understandable as the whole team was under pressure which only increased after they failed to perform at the BGIS 2024. Taking a break to remove any burnout is the best way to prevent any long-term harm and further focus on the game.

In his post, Akshat also tagged his other teammates, Goblin, Hector, Neyo and Omega which further tells us that we will see them in action against other teams. BGMS Season 3 is set to commence on July 19 and will feature 24 teams going against each other.