Why was professional CS2 player donk permanently banned from Twitch?

A 17-year-old pro for Team Spirit, donk, has been handed a ban by Twitch for violation of their terms of account creation, fans urge the player to switch platforms.

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donk (Source - HLTV)

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A few days ago, one of the rising names in the professional Counter-Strike scene, Danil “donk” Kryshkovets, revealed that his Twitch account was permanently banned. The 17-year-old Russian player is the star player for Team Spirit and is one of the highest-rated CS2 players due to his mechanical skills.

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms across the globe and has been putting down the hammer for violation of their TOS. The reason why donk was banned is that the player created a Twitch account before he was 13 years old.

As per Twitch’s regulation, a person needs to be over 13 years of age to create a Twitch account. donk has now been permanently banned from the platform. “Got banned on Twitch because I created an account when I wasn’t 13 years old,” donk wrote in his statement.

Fans suggest a platform switch

Donk is one of the youngest pros in the Tier 1 Counter-Strike team that has made some huge strides. His rise to fame at such a young age may have flagged his Twitch account. Even after his rise to fame, donk continued to stream on his old channel to over 2000 viewers every stream.

Last year, donk secured BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2023 and followed it up with a win at the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2024 giving them a direct spot at the IEM Cologne. He made his name for the insane reaction speed and weapon sprays. Donk is also tied up with a 1.70 rating, similar to NiKo from G2 Esports at the ESL Pro League.

Fans on X have come to his support, calling Twitch lazy, as they only waited till now to remove his account. Others encouraged him to create a new one or change platforms to others like Kick or YouTube.

As of this moment, however, donk has not provided any information on what he plans to do next or even return to streaming, as now he is a part of a professional team playing private scrims.