Team Vitality and MOUZ to face off at ESL Pro League grand finals

Team Vitality and MOUZ are prepping to go against each other at the ESL Pro League Season 19 grand finals, the winner gets a free ticket to IEM Cologne 2024.

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ESL Pro League S19

Team Vitality and MOUZ (Source - ESL)

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All four of the undefeated teams that secured a direct spot to the quarterfinals yesterday faced each other, and two of them have now moved on to the grand finals. Team Vitality and MOUZ will now be competing to keep their winning streak alive while also securing a spot at IEM Cologne 2024.

Complexity saw a great start and made an early lead in the best of three series by securing their map pick, crushing MOUZ. An early lead was also great to put pressure on their opponents, who had to worry about being eliminated.

However, the match didn’t seem to shake up MOUZ as much, and they had a great first half. Complexity managed to recover with Elige giving his best, but it was too late and MOUZ equalized the score. This took the game into decider map Ancient.

MOUZ steam rolled over Complexity at the final map and for a good reason. Complexity previously had a rough time with Ancient against NaVi, and while the North American team had made quite a progress this year in terms of performance, it still remained short at the semifinals.

ZywOo striking fear in their opponents

On the other side, Team Vitality and Astralis had a bout with Vitality, managing to come out on top. However, the fight wasn't that simple. ZywOo once again stood out as the notable player in Vitality and is currently the highest rate player at ESL Pro League S19.

Astralis created pressure early on by securing Mirage, which was picked by Vitality. The result was pretty surprising as Mirage is also one of the strong points for Vitality and the team might have been planning to close the game in two matches, especially when Astralis picked Vertigo.

The following map was home for Vitality, and they were so close to equalising the match. However, Astralis wasn’t done as they pushed the map into overtime. Vitality managed to show them why they were the final CS:GO major champions and clutched the match in overtime.

This brought the team to Inferno, where Astralis was seen dominating Vitality with six back-to-back opening rounds with fans wondering is this it? However, Vitality clapped back with their six back-to-back round wins. Sadly, Astralis couldn’t keep up the streak as Vitality brought the game on their side.