Valorant patch 8.09 brings small buff to Brimstone

The latest update to Valorant by Riot Games increases the Smoke size for Brimstone, which will now cover the entire outer edge displayed on the UI, and fixes multiple bugs.

New Update

Brimstone (Source - Riot Games)

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The latest 8.09 patch for Valorant provides a small buff to Brimstone in order to have one of his abilities work as intended. It also fixed a few notable bugs, including the one deleting crosshair profiles.

Increased radius for smokes

Smokes by Brimstone have been the go-to since the beginning for players who want longer smokes to clear a site. The radius for these smokes has now been increased from 410 to 415. Although small, even the slightest change can be crucial for winning any round.

“We’ve done some small updates to Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) to ensure that it fully covers the area indicated by the UI when you are placing it. This should ensure that when the outer edge of the targeting UI covers a choke point the spawned smoke will fully cover that area as well,” the notes wrote.

Previously, the smokes would be a bit shorter than the indicated visual on the map UI. This created choke points for spamming or posting a sniper that would make the whole smoke useless. With this update, the smoke will drop where intended and will cover the area shown on the UI.

Crosshairs are now fixed

The ongoing issues of players losing their crosshair profiles have now also been fixed. Unfortunately, those who lost their crosshair profile will need to create a new one or export from another player. Anyone who still faces the issue is advised to contact support.

Other fixes include visible tracers when firing a weapon away from the map, even if it was disabled in the settings. Furthermore, the game will no longer freeze and require a complete client restart to fix the issue, alongside proper kill feed on Combat Reports.

All of these seem like a hotfix in order to eliminate the main issues while combating others in the future. The patch notes also reveal that the developers are planning something big in the future. This could be an indication of the new map, for which players are already excited.