UMP 45 Vs UZI; Which one to pick in BGMI?

Out of the wide range of choices in SMGs indie BGMI, players mostly prefer the UZI or the UMP 45 as their go-to. Let's find out why and which is a better pick for you.

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Sub-machine guns (SMGs) are the champions of close-range battles in any video game. Despite having low damage numbers, their fire rate carries them through the chart, not to mention you are also much faster while using an SMG.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) provides the players with a wide variety of options when it comes to weapons, including SMGs. However, most players would prefer either the UZI or UMP 45 if they went the SMG route.

This is because both weapons are much more superior compared to others in the same category and have the least compromise. Keeping this in mind, which weapon out of these should be used? Let’s check it out.



When a player plans to lay all bullets on their opponents as fast as they can, UZI is their best friend. The weapon excels in the rate of fire and stability department, helping to laser down opponents in close-range battles.

While already stable, players can further choose more attachments for the weapons that will make players feel like cheating. An extended quickdraw magazine with stock and compensator will go a long way. For players who like to aim, they can also put a red dot sight.

The only thing this weapon lacks is range. If your target is even a little far away, players are suggested to hold their fire. Not only does the weapon have a laughable range, but it also directly contributes to damage fall-off.

UMP 45


Another great weapon that is somewhat a safe SMG choice. It also boasts a very decent fire rate and stability compared to Vector or Tommy gun, along with increased damage and range, which gives it a little advantage over UZI if an opponent is a bit far away.

Like UZI, players can also put a variety of attachments on UMP 45 including a combination of vertical foregrip and compensator that will make the recoil non-existent. Furthermore, the increased range also allows players to make use of 2x scopes for ambush

The hip fire for UMP is also quite accurate, however, do not expect to take on others with better weapons head-on with this weapon. With UMP, players need to ensure they are the first ones to shoot.


For close-range fights, UZI is undoubtedly the best weapon selection. It allows players to rush their enemy team effectively, giving them an advantage. As for UMP 45, it is one of the most stable weapons to dish out good damage that is helpful to cover teammates. Just pray that the opponents haven’t found shotguns.