AKM or M416, which one is better in BGMI?

Let's have a look at how AKM and M416 differs from each other in BGMI and which weapon is the best option for new and seasoned players currently.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) provides players with a ton of choices when it comes to weapons. However, when it comes to the actual player choice, they often seemed to be searching for the two most popular Assault Rifles in the game.

M416 and AKM are the go-to choice for BGMI players. One provides a versatile weapon that is capable of synergizing well with a good player and securing a chicken dinner, while another is a loose cannon, the sound of which alone is enough to scare opponents.

In an ideal world, one will keep both weapons with them, but a team requires having an optimized loadout for everyone, especially in a competitive setting. Different ammo takes up more space in the inventory. So let’s check out which of these two weapons should a player keep.



The M416 is an AR that uses 5.56mm ammo, but unlike any other weapon using similar ammo, the M416 can laser down enemies. It provides a wide variety of attachment options that can make the weapon very stable, enabling long-distance sprays that are much harder with AKM.

A fully kitted M416 will have a straight recoil, which further makes it easy for beginner players to control. Since the weapon has more attachment options, It is also important to use the ones that fit the weapon best to full unlock its full potential.

The best attachments for M416 are Compensator, Vertical Foregrip, Quickdraw Extended Magazine, and Tactical Stock and for the scope, players can either use a Red Dot Sight for close-range fights or a 2x/4x scope if they wish to take mid-range fights.

In terms of power, the M416 does a little less damage than the AKM due to the 5.56mm bullets. However, while it has lower damage than AKM, it does have a higher fire rate, eliminating the advantage considering a player hits every shot.



AKM is what feels like chewing five gums together. The sound of the weapon itself says how powerful the weapon is, but it isn’t with some drawbacks of its own. The weapon has better base damage than the M416 as it uses 7.62mm bullets. One headshot from this weapon and opponents will start regretting taking a fight.

As a drawback, the weapon features more recoil and has fewer ways to compensate as it also has less attachment space. The best attachments for AKM include a Compensator and Quickdraw Extended Mag with a Red Dot Sight, as players will have a hard time using scopes to spray.

Another big advantage for AKM is that a lot more long-range weapons use 7.62mm bullets compared to M416, making it much more usable for players who hunt others from far away. Despite that, nowadays, many pros are ditching DMRs and snipers in favour of close and mid-range weapons.

This is because no one is ready to take a fight without cover, so currently, M416 with another weapon using the same ammo type will be much more advantageous during a match as they are much more stable even in long-range fights.

However, at the end of the day, if a player is just playing to have a fun time with their friends and not in a competitive setting, the choice of weapon will not matter much as long as they are having fun.