FaZe struggles against Vitality in ESL Pro League S19 quarterfinals

Vitality and Astralis secure their sports in the ESL Pro League semifinals after dominating FaZe Clan and Team Liquid on their own map picks.

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ESL Pro League S19

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After having their payback against NaVi, the FaZe clan have now also faced defeat against Team Vitality in the ESL Pro League S19 quarterfinals. In the other bracket, Team Liquid also saw the same fate going against Astralis.

Nuke didn’t work out this time for FaZe

FaZe clan picked nuke as their map selection and over the course of this tournament, they have been quite successful. In fact, all the matches played on Nuke by FaZe went in their favour. However, this time, it was a different story.

After losing the pistol round, FaZe waited for to build up some cash for a full buy and managed to take one round. However, from that point, Vitality Esports upped their defence thanks to Zywoo and Spinx. On FaZe’s side, Broky didn’t get much opportunity to bring out AWP on the attacking side. With only two rounds in the first half and one in the second, the match ended in a crushing defeat for FaZe Clan.

The second map was Vitality’s pick on Vertigo, however, Vitality did not have a great first half. Opening rounds went in the favour of Vitality while FaZe got a grip on the match. The second half, however, saw the tides turn as Vitality wasn’t going to let their best map go as easily. Vitality ended the match in style, with FlameZ winning a 1v3 to secure the semifinals for his team.

Astralis ends Team Liquid’s run

Since the beginning, Astralis have had a very strong run that allowed them to land a direct spot in the quarterfinals. They previously defeated FaZe and have now stopped Liquid in their way. The opening match saw both teams on equal footing early on, however, Liquid dropped the ball in the second half, handing Astralis an easy victory.

The second match also saw the same pattern. Team Liquid was doing very well in the first half before completely shutting down after switching sides and failing to secure even a single round, leading to a 7-13 loss.