Team Tamilas struggles on Day 1 semis at BGMI Pro Championship S1

As the semifinals of OneGame Pro Championship S1 for BGMI comes to a close, veteran teams make their way to the top while stars of quarterfinals Team Tamilas struggle

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Pro Championship S1 Semis (Source: OneGame Instagram)

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After a dominating performance in quarterfinals, Team Tamilas struggled to see success on the first day of the semifinals in BGMI Pro Championship S1. Alongside them, there are also a few more new teams that are still in the red, including Carnival Gaming with a star-studded roster featuring players like Goblin, Hector, Omega and AkshaT.

Team Tamilas managed to make it to the top five in the first game but went down with only one finish. The second match saw the team go down first without any kills. The final match also went down the drain as the team once again ended in the top 5 with just 1 finish.

Seasoned teams on the other hand showed how fearsome they can be when the stakes are high. Teams like Global Esports, Team XSpark and Hydra who barely qualified are currently having a field day and have maintained a decent lead.

Global Esports opened strong in the first match and maintained a high finish rate that helped them climb the top of leaderboards despite a not-so-well second and third games where the team was eliminated fairly quickly.

Entity Gaming did not manage to secure a win but made their way to the second spot through ranking and finish points. Hydra Esports followed close behind in third place. As for the best-performing player, Sarang from Team XSpark and ADMINO from GodLike made the highest contribution to their teams.

Here are the current qualifying teams are after Day 1 -

Global Esports - 45 points

Entity - 39 points

Hydra - 35 points

Team XSpark - 32 points

Team SouL - 31 points

WindGod Esports - 31 points

Enigma Gaming - 31 points

Marcos Gaming - 30 points

Skyfall - 30 points

1Revenant Esports - 29 points

TEAM iNSANE - 27 points

GodLike Esports - 25 points

Medal Esports - 23 points

Orangutan - 19 points

TWOB - 18 points

Gujarat Tigers - 16 points

Struggling teams currently have one more day to make it into the top 16 if they plan on going to the grand finals. Fans of Team Tamilas and Carnival Gaming are hoping for a comeback on the second day, however, the competition is sure to be cut-throat as eight teams will have to go home no matter what.