Team Falcons continue losing streak as MOUZ and VP race past them

MOUZ and prevailed in their first matchup at BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 as expected and will now face each other in the winners' bracket.

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VP and MOUZ (Source - Google)

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MOUZ and have secured their first matchup at BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 although, their opponents did give them a good run, especially Betboom Team against MOUZ. Team Falcons also put up a good fight on their map before getting shredded on the VP’s pick.

Betboom Team surprisingly managed to keep up with MOUZ in the first half with an equal score on both sides. The second half saw MOUZ opening up great with five back-to-back rounds thanks to xertioN and Siuhy. Betboom, however, managed to close in on the gap with only one round required for overtime, which sadly they didn’t get as Torzsi closed the match.

The second map in the best of three was as intense as it could get, with Betboom dominating the first half, giving hope for a third map. MOUZ however, weren’t in the mood as they took back the lost rounds in the second half and even managed to take the game into overtime which did not favour the Betboom Team.

Can Team Falcons break their curse?

Team Falcons were also looking in form during their match against, as they made their opponents work for the win. Booth's first and second half saw the teams securing six rounds each, leading to an overtime where the Falcons failed to defend a single round, giving an easy victory to VP.

The following match saw VP playing with his prey in the first half. Fans were expecting a comeback similar to the previous match, which sadly did not happen. Even on the attacking side, the VP stopped them without even letting them plant.

The winning teams will now face each other with a similar fate to the losers, with the resulting teams facing each other in the decider to find which one will go to the playoffs. Before that, the initial matches for Group B are set to take place on May 15.