Team SouL finishes fifth on the 3rd day of semi finals in BGIS 2024

Team Soul finishes 5th in the semi-finals of this season BGIS and keeps their position in the top 8 of the competition. How long can they keep this up going forward?

Aiman Sharma
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Team SouL

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The BGIS 2024 is in its final few days and the semi-finals are currently going on right now. This has been a great Esports tournament we all have been looking forward and we are eager to see who will be the winner of the tournament. There are still a lot of top teams playing in this tournament as well.

The team that is in the reckoning now is Team SouL. The team led by Manya has had a hot and cold journey in the last few days and has struggled to stay on top of the rankings on some occasions. They have still managed to stay in the competition and we were all eager to see what they have in store for us going further.

SouL keeps the 5th spot

It is the third day of the 1st week of the semi's tournament and the team has had another season where they have once again struggled to get going straight away. The early part of the tournament saw the team struggling to get any major wins and kills. The team still went on to keep the 5th spot with 67 points with 30 kills and one chicken dinner. This has made sure they stay in the top 8 and keep the 5th spot in after the 3rd day of the week, keeping themselves in contention for a fourth position.

The SouL team has really shown a lot of fight and we all will be looking forward to how will they look to perform in the upcoming days of the week. It has been a mixed bag for the talented players and we hope they show some consistency which they have been lacking in this tournament. There are still chances that these players can make a comeback and will look to keep their eyes on the prize in the future. This has been a great tournament and we are still up for many surprises coming up this season.