sdy and podi join ENCE for YaLLa Compass 2024

sdy steps back into mainstream Counter Strike at the LAN event with ENCE while podi looking to prove himself on big stage at YaLLa Compass 2024.

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podi and sdy

podi and sdy (Source - HLTV)

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ENCE have benched Dycha and Hades and added sdy alongside Podi to compete at the YaLLa Compass 2024 LAN tournament for Counter-Strike. The event is hosted by YaLLa Esports and will take place at Abu Dhabi, Space 42 Arena, starting June 5.

Sdy or Somedieyoung has been one of the beloved players in the CS community. Back in 2022 sdy as a stand-in for Natus Vincere before moving on to Monte in 2023. His time in Monte didn’t turn out much success against strangers teams and after a year the player parted ways with the team and was looking for a new team.

At the time, ENCE reached out to the player and sdy will now be playing his first LAN with the team alongside gla1ve as an IGL. In an interview with HLTV, sdy said that he received 4–5 invites from other teams, but ENCE felt like a “team wants to work hard, wants to progress, and wants to do it as a unit”.

Podi on the other hand is looking to prove himself on the big stage. Coming to the main roster from ENCE Academy, podi didn’t have a chance to compete on the big stage, so the pressure will be a bit more on the young gun.

Event overview

YaLLa Compass will feature twelve teams competing for a $400,000 prize pool. Out of these, ten teams were directly invited to the event, while two more qualified through YaLLa Compass Fall 2023 and YaLLa Compass Spring 2024.

Matches will start in a round-robin format, with all teams divided into two groups and matches will be played as best of one. The top teams from the group will secure a spot in the semifinal Playoffs while the teams in the second and third spots will start from the quarterfinals. Playoffs will be single elimination brackets with matches played in a best-of-three format.

Here are all the participating teams -

Astralis (invited)

BetBoom Team (invited)

Complexity Gaming (invited)

ENCE (invited)

Eternal Fire (invited)

Fnatic (invited)

FURIA Esports (invited)

HEROIC (invited)

The MongolZ (invited)

Ninjas in Pyjamas (invited)

BIG (YaLLa Compass Fall 2023)

Sashi Esport (YaLLa Compass Spring 2024)