Older clips of Neyoo surface after recent controversy revealing this isn't his first rodeo

Older clips of Neyoo go viral revealing the streamer has a history of inappropriate behaviour living in front of thousands of people including minors.

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BGMI fans up older video of Neyoo

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Right after the BGIS 2024 concluded, BGMI fans across India got to witness one of the most awful clips of a popular streamer Neyoo cussing a minor over a small racial remark. The video went viral, with many left wondering about the current situation of the Indian Gaming Community.

However, the situation does not end just there. It seems that this isn’t the first time for Neyoo. In fact, he is one of the most infamous BGMI content creators who have a history of doing inappropriate things live on stream in front of thousands of fans, many of which are minors.

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Not the first time for Neyoo

A few other clips also show him in a similar situation where he started cussing unprovoked, which is reportedly a widespread occurrence. Furthermore, this is also the same when someone seemingly criticizes him, although the new clips being shared are older.

One person made a great statement calling out that these older clips do not mean anything as a lot of the current popular streamers have had similar rage encounters. However, most of them have realized and changed their ways. However, those still using the same formula to get famous should be brought into the limelight and handed proper actions.

Regardless of what the circumstances are, keeping the community decent and not letting them devolve into savages should be one of the top priorities for any content creator. Popular streamers are also the ones that influence many to enter the gaming industry and if they enter with the same influence, it will be harmful as the entire Indian gaming industry possibly, another ban on popular games.