Nova Esports lists Paraboy for transfer with an eye watering amount

Nova Esports has reportedly listed one of the most popular PUBG Mobile pros Paraboy for a transfer price of almost $1 million, with few teams ready to invest.

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Paraboy at Peacekeeper Elite League 2022 (Source - Instagram)

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PUBG Mobile legend Paraboy is reportedly listed as available for transfer by Nova Esports, however, the young prodigy comes with a hefty transfer price of $965,000 at just the age of 22 years old which is no joke as many veterans are yet to reach this height.

The news comes from Sportskeeda who also revealed that apparently, two teams JD Esports and Weibo Gaming are even planning to have the players on their team. In case, they go head-on, the transfer price can go well beyond $1 million, which is likely the highest transfer amount in mobile esports.

Paraboy started his journey back in 2019 with X-Quest F. He later moved on to Nova Esports as his old team was acquired the following year for making waves in the Chinese PUBG Mobile scene. He plays as one of the assaulters is deadly with almost any weapon and is considered as the best PUBG Mobile player currently.

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A well-deserved price tag for Paraboy?

Zhu “Paraboy” Bocheng has been one of the most successful PUBG Mobile players with winnings reaching well over $1.3 million, In fact, as per esports earnings, Paraboy is the highest-earning player in Nova Esports followed by Order and Jimmy who moved on to Wolves Esports and later landed on Rouge Warriors.

Furthermore, Paraboy’s portfolio in PUBG Mobile is decorated with multiple tier 1 tournament wins, including multiple PUBG Mobile Global Championships and Peacekeeper Elite Championships. He was also the first esports torch-bearer at the 19th Asian Games.

Looking at all of his achievements and considering the fact that he is one of the highest-paid PUBG Mobile players, the million-dollar transfer price is certainly well deserved. The player can be a great asset in any team when paired with other heavy-hitting team members with great synergy.