Latest Valorant agent ‘Clove’ sees a delay in tournament availability

The latest addition to the Valorant agent roster, Clove, is having their esports debut at VCT delayed due to some issues with character abilities.

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VCT debut delayed for Clove

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Valorant players recently saw a new agent to the controller roster named Clove, who received very positive feedback from the player. This was thanks to the ability kit Clove comes with that allows a wide variety of gameplay options.

The agent was also set to make a competitive debut during Week 2 of Stage 1 at the Valorant Champions Tour. However, the debut was delayed after the devs discovered a bug that could become a problem in competitive-level matches.

“Due to a recent discovered bug with Clove, the Agent’s eligibility for International League competition will be put on hold. Previously, the agent was scheduled to enter competition for week two of Stage One,” the official statement from VCT said.

Riot Games did not give a time frame on when Clove will be available in the tournament as a playable character. However, they did reassure me that the team is trying to make it as quick as possible. “We are working hard to get them (Clove) into play as soon as we can and will follow up with an update on when they will be playable.”

What is the bug the devs are referring to?

Since its release, Clove have made a significant impact in ranked as well as casual games. The freedom to play aggressively sat well with many players. They can smoke, heal and revive through the ultimate ability, making the Agent top charts in pick rate.

However, like any release, there are some things left to iron out. In the case of Clove, players have been reporting multiple bugs. There was no official announcement, but the most common issue players were experiencing was the ultimate ability bug.

Clove can come back to life using their ultimate ability and have to get a kill before the timer runs out. The problem here is that the players are reviving without any weapons. This is defeating the entire purpose and costing the team an ultimate ability. There is a possibility that the devs might also have more bugs, but players hope they will be fixed soon.