ImperialHal part ways with TSM

ImperialHal announces his departure from TSM, revealing that the Apex Legends pro will be joining Zer0OCE and Genburten from DarkZero Esports moving forward.

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TSM ImperialHal (Source - ALGS)

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The GOAT of Apex Legend, ImperialHal has parted ways with TSM after five years since he first joined and will be playing with players from DarkZero Esports, another top team in the Apex Legends Esports scene. This will also be the first time Hal has played in another team.

Alongside Hal, TSM has some of the most dominating performances across various Apex Legends tournaments. His move from TSM was backed by everyone wishing him good luck for the next chapter of the journey.

“I will be teaming with Zer0OCE and Genburten now moving forward. I’ve already said a lot in the video I retweeted, but I want to Thank TSM and everyone who has played alongside me for believing in me, I will remember these last 5 years forever,” Hal said in his tweet.

TSM also posted a tribute video for Hal, calling him ‘The Greatest Of All Time’. “Hal has been at the centre of over half a decade of competitive success, collecting trophies and earning the black-and-white a World Championship,” TSM said.

Further adding, “Words are incapable of expressing our appreciation for him, his work ethic, and his dedication to TSM over all these years. We will always be fans and wish him the best in this new chapter of his pro career.”

Zer0 to remain Team IGL

Hal also revealed that Zer0 will be leading the team. While he is a great in-game leader, Hal has previously talked about exploring other roles in the team. However, an official announcement is yet to come from DarkZero Esports regarding his onboarding.

DarkZero also recently secured second spot at Apex Legends Global Series 2024 Split 1 Playoffs and was only bested by Reject Winnity. With Hal onboard, it will be the end of the long-running rivalry between TSM and DarkZero. As for TSM, there is currently no announcement regarding their plans.