'Goldenboy' to pull out of Esports Awards hosting in upcoming years following criticism for partnership with Esports World Cup

Esports: Goldenboy will be pulling out of the Esports Awards from the following editions. The past host of the panel was unhappy with the principles of the Esports World Cup hosts.

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Goldenboy to pull out of Esports Awards hosting in upcoming years following criticism for partnership with Esports World Cup (Source: X)

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Esports Awards have received criticism from the fans for their association with the Esports World Cup. Last week, the panel confirmed the association with the Esports World Cup through a post on X. Following it, there was a huge outrage on social media. Alex Mendez reacted to it with a post on X and confirmed that he would no longer be a part of the award show.

In the past, Goldenboy was a part of the host panel that decided the awards. Following the association of the awards show with the Esports World Cup, he decided to not host the show in the upcoming editions. Alex claimed that he would be stepping down from the panel with immediate effect. He later revealed the reason behind his decision to disassociate.

"I won't be hosting the Esports Awards moving forward, and I will be resigning from the panel effective immediately," wrote Mendez on his X account. Alex felt sad that the higher-ups in the ESA felt the need to associate with the tournament. While Goldenboy did not mind the 'choice' of the panel, he held his own and claimed his decision to disassociate as his choice. In the past, he had hosted some Esports games like VALORANT and Call of Duty.

My personal and professional values do not align with Saudi Arabian Government: Goldenboy

The popular figure in the Esports World said that he excluded himself from working in the tournament with immediate effect. Goldenboy claimed that the event funded by the government of Saudi Arabia does not align with his values both professionally and personally. The Esports World Cup is set to happen in Riyadh.

Alex concluded by saying that he was not ready to spend his time on the award show. "These events, which are wholly funded by the Saudi Arabian government, do not align with my personal and professional values, so I'm fine with not lending my time and energy to them," wrote Mendez. The fans started to praise the star for his move and claimed him to be their inspiration for moves like these.