Is Call of Duty making an appearance at Esports World Cup?

A recent report from a popular esports journalist claims that Call of Duty is likely to make an appearance at the Esports World Cup tournaments worth $2.8 million.

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Call of Duty Warzone (Source - Activision)

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Call of Duty might make an appearance at the upcoming Esports World Cup 2024 in Riyadh, according to Jacob Hale, a popular esports journalist for Dexerto. The announcement was made in his post on X where he talked about some specifics.

“Call of Duty could feature at the Esports World Cup, with tournaments in both MW3 and Warzone totalling an almost $3m prize pool,” Hale said in his post. He also revealed that the official Esports World Cup website had lines of HTML code that named two potential Call of Duty events featuring a prize pool of up to $3 million.

The Call of Duty League Championship weekend is set to take place from July 18 to July 21. One of the events mentioned will be taking place from July 3 to July 6. It will be interesting to see which teams will be competing in case the tournament does take place.

Multiple CoD events?

The post also reveals that there might be two different events for Call of Duty. One for Warzone Battle Royale while the other for Arena Matches. If true, Call of Duty will be the second game to get two events at the Esports World Cup.

Call of Duty not included in the Esports World Cup came as a huge surprise for many as it is a fairly popular esports title considering the event is set to feature other games that might be less popular like StarCraft II or Rocket League. There is currently no official announcement regarding the addition of Call of Duty events in the mix from Activision or Esports World Cup.

But even the announcement will likely not come as a surprise to fans, considering how popular the game is. There are currently 19 games featured in the Esports World Cup and 20 events. The event is also set to feature the biggest prize pool in the history of esports at $60 million.