Esports World Cup 2024 tickets are now on sale; check out the schedules and further details of the upcoming tournaments

Esports World Cup 2024 tickets are on sale right now with a lot of hype. Check out the further details and schedule of the tournament only on Sports Info to follow this epic tournament.

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The world of Esports is rapidly growing in this day and age and we are now getting a lot of hype for the upcoming Esports 2024 World Cup which will be one of the biggest tournaments in Electronic sports history this season. This will be the first edition of this event which will have 20 major tournaments where the people will compete for the big prize right now.

There will be plenty of games that will take place in this tournament and we all will be looking forward to seeing who will be the gamers who will come out on top. There will be plenty of games that will be played right from PubG to Club championships, which will keep the gaming fans happy. This is a great platform for these players who are promoting one of the newest sporting events in the world right now.

Tickets are on sale

There is a lot of hype going on for this upcoming tournament which will be shown to everyone on a global platform in Riyadh the tickets are right now on sale and we hope for a huge crowd to land in the tournament. The tournament will take place from the 6th of July and will finish on the 25th of August. It will be interesting to see what the month-long event will have in store for featuring some of the biggest teams such as the Faze Clan and Cloud9. 

The winner of the tournament will be given 60 million USD and it is set to be displayed on a major scale for everyone to see with some of the best gamers in the world. This is certainly an interesting tournament that has been heavily marketed and we all will be looking forward to seeing our top gamers compete with each other. There are some competitive games that will test the skills of the best players in the sport and there is a huge prize on the line as well.

Faze Clan Esports World Cup