College Rivals Season 2 kicks off with 50 lakh prize pool across three games

College Rivals announces Season 2 featuring 50 lakh prize pool spread between three of the most popular esports title in India, registrations now open.

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College Rivals Season 2

College Rivals Season 2 registrations now open (Source - College Rivals)

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The second season for highly anticipated College Rivals by Ampverse and DMI has returned once again featuring a massive prize pool of Rs 50 lakh shared among BGMI, Valorant and FIFA, three of the most popular esports titles in India.

With the announcement of the esports event dedicated to college students, registrations are now also open and interested players can sign up with their teams. Similar to the last season, the tournament will visit over 50 colleges across 22 cities.

“Drawing from the success of the College Rival IP in the first year and bolstered by the support shown by brands and communities alike, the second edition is poised to redefine standards, open new horizons, and set the stage for impactful innovations and game-changing advancements,” said Ashwin Haryani, Country Head of Ampverse DMI, India.

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What is College Rivals?

College Rivals is a talent hunt initiative by Ampverse DMI that gives college students a chance to come into the limelight and show off their skills. The winner also gets a chance to be scouted into a professional esports organization.

Season 1 for College Rivals featured six titles BGMI, FIFA 23, Road to Valor, Valorant, Tekken 7 and Counter Strike 2 and saw over 92,000 participants across all fronts. The grand finals saw 26 participants across all six games and over 5,000 attendees.

College Rivals also took an entirely new approach to hosting these events. A van visited each city one by one while also bringing a host of activities like music shows and performances to better connect with the youth across the nation.

The new season will only see three games across the board, however, this means that the prize pool and stakes for each of them will be much higher. Furthermore, people also got to meet some of the biggest gaming personalities in India, including ScoutOP, Mortal, Payal Gaming and many more and the same is expected for this season too.