Carnival Gaming part ways with Neyoo after recent controversy

Carnival Gaming bids farewell to BGMI streamer Neyoo just two moths after signing due to the recent controversy regarding abusing a minor on stream.

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Neyoo leaves Carnival Gaming

Carnival Gaming part ways with Neyoo

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After the video of popular BGMI content creator for Carnival Gaming, Neyoo, abusing a minor on a live stream blew up across social media, the esports org has now parted ways with him. Carnival Gaming made the announcement via their Instagram story.

This came soon after his abusive rant to a minor over the internet had people enraged and asking for legal action against the BGMI streamer. With the matter going over the board, the org decided to cut ties with the streamer within a few months of signing.

Suraj Nityanand "Neyoo" Majumdar rose to fame for his skills in BGMI which took him across multiple popular organizations like TSM and GodLike Esports. He later retired from professional gaming and became a streamer.

Neyoo apologizes for his words

Neyoo also addressed the controversy, saying that the girl in the talk was making racist remarks against him. “That girl called me "n***a" and "black" is this is a appropriate behaviour? I always have to face this kind of racism, but how would you know how it feels, cause you are not in my place.”

Despite that, many still believe that the stream could have handled the situation properly as an adult. Several other streamers like Mortal also came to the same conclusion, saying he should have thought before speaking.

Although, Neyoo did apologize for his behaviour, “Sorry for whatever happened on today's stream. I guess it's my fault. Won't happen in future”. It remains to be seen if the streamer does follow up on his words, as this is the first time he has been called out by the entire gaming community for his extreme words.

As mentioned previously, this was not the first time Neyoo was caught saying some harsh words in front of thousands of his fans on stream. In-fact, after this incident, his previous clips also started surfacing that added fuel to the fire.

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There are also various other popular steamers that have been accused of similar behaviour in the past, however, they have changed their ways and people expect Neyoo to do the same. It is likely that he will be under strict watch after this incident.